BB54 Homage with Matte ceramic Bezel! San Martin SN0138, 37mm, NH35, Vintage Diving Watch, 20ATM

This release of SN0138 is the long-called-for BB54 homage, which was not simply shrunk down to 37mm, with many parts we've retooled and made some modifications based on some of our own design experience.

Matte ceramic Bezel, compared to the aluminum bezel, upgraded materials while retaining a sense of retro.

The metal edges are also consistent, processed with brushed and sandblasted techniques to increase friction and not slip when turning the bezel, making it more practical.

The case side of SN0138 is also brushed. Only the edges of the lugs polished for finishing.

As you can see, the overall effect is much less reflective of the mirror and more understatedly retro.

How well the lugs match and integrate with the head grain is also a key point in our production, with the same direction of drawing, the same curved surfaces, and tighter seams.

The numerals and scales on the Bezel are slimmer, and the size of the hands are newly crafted to a length and width that is exclusively the SN0138 size.

Newer models will of course have tool-free adjustable clasps.

Including the crystal, the overall thickness is 13mm. We have strived to design the case and bezel thickness ratio as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Bezel thicker, case thinner.

And most notably, SN0138 didn't have the exact same color scheme as BB54, and a navy blue option was additionally made.

The black option is made with SLN C3 material and the blue option is made with BGW-X1 material, the Super Luminous material is very sensitive to light and some usual light is enough to make it glow. So when you actually hold it in your hand, it may be slightly greenish or bluish.

That's all, we put love in homage, it has some differences from BB54, but there is no absolute right or wrong in design, we hope our friends will buy the one watch they really like.

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