Choice of San Martin Watch custom table?

My personal suggestion for the table selection has always been: 1. I like it; 2. It is suitable for me. It’s better to customize a watch or a relatively small brand. In the absence of obvious brand value, I personally think that it’s better to play according to one’s own preferences. There are two sentences in the watch circle that make sense: “Watches are not expensive or cheap, but people’s hearts are different. ”, returning to the table selection suggestion, it’s better to choose according to your own preferences, just have fun.

Advantages of custom tables:

1. If you choose a watch first considering cost performance, then a custom watch is your best choice. Customized tables are all connected to the factory by themselves, facing customers by themselves, without additional commercial promotion

2. It can meet some simple customization needs of watch friends, and brand watches are sold in fixed and matched styles. In the initial stage of custom watch production, we will interact with watch friends to listen to and integrate everyone's opinions, and make a style that everyone prefers. In addition, the disk surface can be customized with personalized logo and bottom cover personalized customization service. (Our brand's personalized customization service)

Disadvantages of custom tables:

1. The relative scale is still relatively small, and the control of product quality needs to be improved.

2. After-sales maintenance is relatively simple, and can only be sent back for processing.

Domestic custom watches (niche brand watches) still need to work harder to make the product well, and I hope everyone can treat it objectively. We welcome your valuable comments and suggestions for the shortcomings. But please give some time for growth and progress, don't give it a negative as soon as you come up, the development of everything starts from 0. I believe that domestic custom watches will get better and better with the joint efforts of everyone.

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