Comparison and evaluation of YN55 movement and NH35 movement

Let’s talk about the similarities and differences between the two movements. Both belong to Seiko’s movements. The NH35 movement is produced by Tianmadu, mainly for the mass market; the YN55 movement is produced by Epson, mainly for supply Large brand owners, no external sales. According to the movement data, the two movements are basically the same, with some minor differences (the diameter of the movement is the same, the thickness difference is 0.05mm, and the position of the center is 0.1mm). The purpose of replacement is achieved by changing a small number of accessories. Today we will evaluate the YN55A movement, mainly through two aspects. On the one hand, it is compared with the functional structure and components of the NH35 movement, and on the other hand, it is to test the travel time of the YN55 movement.

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