FAQ Helpful For Newcomers
03.13.2024 | San Martin Official Authorized Store | News & Blogs

Some of the edges a bit sharp.

Many customers feel sharp when they pick up their watch for the first time.What is often mentioned is is the lug.
Why don't we change it? Since it's not a problem.

I also own some reputable Swiss brand watches that have the same tactile feel around the edges as ours.

My understanding is that there is no sharpness to scratch the feel while preserving the clarity of the line.
When the line is in contact with the wrist skin we need to make the line a little bit more rounded to ensure that there is no damage.

In the future, you will find that this has no effect on daily wear.


San Martin prices rise.

Our processing technology has been upgraded over the years, while ensuring that every accessory is of high quality. (Assembling poor quality accessories with good ones is stupid and short-sighted)
Of course, we can't achieve $2000 quality for only $200, but we are very confident in achieving the best quality for the same price.