How to maintain the watch box?

As people's concept of time becomes stronger and stronger, more and more people will use watches, but I can't say that it is not a famous brand, but many people love their watches. Watches are easy to have feelings and protect watches. , so I will buy a watch box to store the watch and protect the watch to the greatest extent. So what should I pay attention to when using the watch box every day? How to maintain it?

1. The plastic watch box must not be dropped, which can easily cause an unbalanced closure. 2. Try to be as delicate as possible when closing, because this is a delicate item. 3. Be gentle when opening it. 4. It is best not to touch the watch box when your hands are wet, especially the maintenance of the plastic watch box after washing clothes:

1. It is best to use only water when cleaning

2. The surface layer in the box must be well protected

3. Once the surface layer in the box becomes loose, it is recommended to add some cotton things to ensure firmness. 4. Do not place it in rough places when placing it normally.

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