How to maintain your watch in good condition
05.08.2023 | San Martin Official Authorized Store | News & Blogs

Put the watch on frequently.

Regular wear is necessary to keep the lubricants in mechanical watches functioning. The lubricants can dry out and harm the watch's mechanism if you don't wear it frequently. Using a watch winder is an additional choice. It typically needs cleaning and oiling every three to five years.

Maintain the timepiece tidy.

When the watch is in direct touch with cosmetics, fragrances, seawater, or chemicals, the strap and case may be harmed. It would be advantageous if you frequently used a lightly dampened towel to clean your watch. Additionally, make sure you completely dry your watch. Wipe the strap down with a gentle, clean towel any time it becomes sweaty or wet. After wiping your watch, keep it in a well-ventilated area. Avoid placing it in a closed box or drawer when it's moist. Additionally, keep it out of direct sunlight to keep the color of the strap and dial from fading.

Avoid winding manual mechanical timepieces too much.

Despite their relative durability, manual clocks can nevertheless be damaged. Simply keep spinning the crown until there is a tiny amount of resistance to wind your watch. Stop winding the watch whenever you run into a slight bit of resistance. If you can't turn the crown, don't wind it at all. Instead, go to a repair shop and get it fixed there. When setting the time, the hour hands should only be rotated in a clockwise direction. The mechanical parts of the watch will be damaged if you spin them in the opposite direction. If your watch has a date and day window, set it during the day. Making time and date changes in the wee hours can damage the watch.

Choose a reliable watch.

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