Introduction of the new San martin watch SN0108

Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you the new SN0108, which is made with reference to the French Navy engraved by Longines. It can be regarded as a relatively classic niche style.

The following is a detailed introduction to our own craftsmanship, or the overall reference while adding some of our own designs. Case: 1. The bezel of the original version is relatively thin, and the upper step is flat and beveled. The bezel we made is relatively thicker and has a curved appearance (just echoing the effect of the bottom cover), and the original version of the watch mirror is better For the Gauguin map, we also made it a little lower to echo the effect of the bezel. From the side, the effect image is the same as the three steps; 2. The original version of the bar made 8.0mm and we made it 7.0mm smaller; 3. The bottom cover was polished The way the original bottom cover straightens the sand, we made the round sand effect (at first I thought that the original bottom cover was pressed on the bottom of the dentures, because my bottom cover is very positive, and then I looked at the picture of the watch home watch friend The bottom cover is If the bottom cover is not guaranteed to be correct in comparison, I personally feel that the round sand is better than the oblique straight sand; 4. The original thin body is heaven and earth sand, and we do the polishing effect; PS-Finally I complained about Longines' craftsmanship on the inside of the original ear without any treatment, but simply swept the embryo pattern, and we also spent a lot of time polishing and polishing it.

On the dial: the font of the Arabic numerals has been modified, which is a little longer than the original version; there is also the distance between the open face and the end of the line. The distance between the open face and the end of the line in the original version is relatively large. I feel the effect is not ideal. In addition, I make the material relatively white, and it is obvious that the white color affects the look and feel when viewed from the front.

In terms of hands: the hour and minute hands are basically the same as the original, and the second hand has a three-dimensional hydraulic effect.

Table data:
Model: SN0108G
Movement: NH35 automatic mechanical movement
Case: Material - 316 Stainless Steel
Diameter 38.5mm (without crown)
Length 48.5mm (including lugs)
Thickness 12.3mm (including watch mirror)
Ear width 19mm (with the inside of the strap)
Watch mirror: sapphire pot cover watch mirror coated with anti-reflective film
Hands: Baked blue sword-shaped hands
Disk: Retro matte yellow
Luminous: black luminous (because the brightness of the black luminous is relatively weak)
Crown: push-pull, hexagonal logo
Bottom cover: screw-in solid bottom cover
Strap: Baja calfskin strap
Buckle: stainless steel solid tortoise buckle / stainless steel pin buckle
Waterproof: 100 meters waterproof
Warranty: Two-year warranty

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