San Martin 45Mm CuSn8 Bronze Pilot Men Watch SN095Q

Hello everyone, Today, I will introduce the new San Martin 45Mm CuSn8 Bronze Pilot Men Watch SN095Q to you, this watch is made with reference to Zenith Dafei. When it comes to Dafei, the first brands that come to mind should be IWC and Zenith. I personally think Zenith's Dafei is more domineering than IWC's Dafei, and Zenith Dafei is the most famous. It should be the tin bronze model flying. We have made some detailed modifications on the basis of the overall reference. The following is our specific introduction.

According to the San Martin 45Mm CuSn8 Bronze Pilot Men Watch SN095Q watch data, the case diameter is 44.5mm, the vertical length is 54.4mm, and the thickness is 14.6mm. This is a style with a particularly obvious downward bending of the lugs, so the vertical length is longer, but it does not affect the wearing effect. The case craftsmanship is different from the remnant effect of the original version. At the same time, the 9 o’clock position of the body is canceled. The case craftsmanship is changed to a sanding craft that can better reflect the craftsmanship. If you have a piece of the watch, the sand will be more even and will not build up. If there is a piece of the watch case, it needs to be grooved, and the junction will be ground. Small, controlled within 3c, less than half the diameter of a hair), the thin body can also hit the horizontal sand evenly, and the whole body looks beautiful from any angle.

The dial color is a gradient gray color, and the dial hour markers are oil-pressure convex Arabic numerals. The whole watch needle refers to the snake head needle made by Zenith.

The focus is on the lower strap. The strap is the selected Hermes Baja calfskin. This kind of leather is the most expensive type of leather. The whole piece is 138 feet a foot. They are all Baja calfskin, and the color is ebony (in fact, the dial color is based on the matching of the strap, the leather and color of the strap are first determined, and the dial is adjusted around the color of the strap, which is more coordinated as a whole. ), the special size of 23-22, I still ordered the switch lugs separately to facilitate watch friends to replace the strap, because the overall 44.5mm case is relatively large, and the strap adopts a rough style without sealing edges (rough does not mean rough, you can see The details of our strap bonding effect, loops, stitching, and openings).


San Martin 45Mm CuSn8 Bronze Pilot Men Watch SN095

Watch Specification:
Brand: San martin
Model: SN095-Q-DA
Movement: YN55A [Automatic Mechanical Movement]
Crown: Screw-down Onion Crown, Bronze Material
Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process
Strap: Brown Leather Strap, Beige Stitching, 23mm x 22mm
Clasp: Bronze Buckle
Glass: Sapphire Crystal Glass, AR Coating
Dial Color: Fire Pattern Gradient Brown Surface, Printed 3D Arabic Numerals Hour Markers
Hands: Luminous Hands
Luminous: SLN C3 Green Ligh, Hands and Markers
Water Resistant: 10Bar=100 meters
Weight: about 131.5g
Watch Dimension:
Case diameter: 45mm( without crown)
Lug length: 53.5mm (upper lug to lower lug)
Case thickness:  15mm (including mirror)
Lug width:23mm

It is often said that while making a similar model of a big brand (high acceptance), I also hope to incorporate my own detailed design into it. For the SN0095Q watch, I feel very satisfied. It can be said that the case, dial and strap All have their own details added. Hope everyone likes it.

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