San Martin BB58 Luxury Dive Water SN008

Hello everyone, today I will share with you the introduction of our number San Martin BB58 Luxury Dive Water SN008, which is made according to the Tudor 1958 style, and I modify the details myself.

Let me talk about how I look at Tudor 1958 from the production point of view. 1. The overall classic retro style (aluminum sheet ring, rivet belt); 2. My own unique axe needle; 3. Unique shell ring proportions (bezel Superfine teeth 240 teeth, ultra-thin ring, relatively super-thick shell). I'm not sure whether this style match has a historical origin, and friends who know it better can help popularize it. This style is too Tudor-like, and I modified it according to my own understanding of the golden ratio. In terms of data: the diameter of the watch is 40mm (the bezel is 41mm), the length is 48mm, and the thickness is 11.5mm (compared to the 1958 model with a length of 50mm and a larger diameter of 39mm. The thickness of our ring is 2.5mm and the thickness of the shell is 7.0mm ( More conventional ratio matching) The ring teeth are changed from the original 240 teeth to 120 teeth, which deepens the depth of the batch teeth.

The following introduces our San Martin BB58 Luxury Dive Water SN008 specific production process:

Case: The diameter of the watch is 40mm (the bezel is 41mm), the length is 48mm, and the thickness is 11.5mm. The shorter length is suitable for most people's wrists, and watch friends with small wrists can easily control it. The body of the case is made of straight sand, the ear surface is straight sand, and the body and the ear surface are connected to be polished and chamfered to highlight the clear line (to ensure that the smooth sand is clear but not out of bounds, the grinding requirements are relatively high); the thin body and the inner side of the ear are polished with sand. ; Tridium round sand on the bottom of the case; 120-foot bezel side teeth, polished and polished inside the teeth; ceramic ring material of the front chronograph, dark blue and black, dark blue ceramic ring scale electric silver 12 o'clock dots filled with BGW-9 luminous The color and luminous color of the tick marks on the synchronizing hands dial, the black chronograph ring at 12 o’clock refers to Tudor filled with red oil, the dots are filled with retro yellow luminous light, the scale lines are electrically gold-colored and luminous; The side teeth refer to Tudor for flat polishing and grinding; the bottom cover is solid and dense, and the outer two steps are made of round sand.

Dial: The overall dial is based on the style of Tudor, and the color is the same as the color of the chronograph; the 12 o’clock long triangle nails, the 369 long strip nails and the rest of the scale dot nails; our hexagonal real nail logo at 12 o’clock.

In terms of hands: the overall design refers to Tudor's classic snowflake needles, the hour and minute hands are manually approved by GS technology, and the electroplating uses a single hanging power to ensure brightness. We have modified the design of the second hand. The needle head and the needle tail are designed with a tapered design to ensure the balance of the head and the tail and maintain the fluency of the hands. We also cover our characteristic flat-top second cap technology.

Watch strap: refer to the Tudor style to make a solid rivet strap, the outer light sheet is not flat, and the polishing is bright; the inner light sheet is flush with the middle bead, which is not good for hands (the original production has a favorable hand, this time this problem is specially solved), tail grains The outside of the link clasp is polished (similar to a glazing effect). PS- The fine adjustment of the tail grain of the front SN0004 strap has been resolved.

In terms of buckles, solid tortoise-back buckles (the same grades rarely use solid buckles, generally iron tortoise backs + solid inserts, and again some iron tortoises + iron inserts), and we have special buckles. Custom, flush clasp side holes.

San Martin BB58 Luxury Dive Water SN008

Watch Specification:
Mode: SN008G
Movement : PT5000 [Automatic mechanical movement]
Case material : 316L Stainless steel
Case back : Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process
Band : Stainless steel bracelet 
Glass: Sapphire Crystal Bubble Conves Glass, Blue Light AG Coating
Bezel: 120 Clicks Ceramic Bezel, 12 O'clock Luminous Markers
Dial Color: Matte Black, Matte Blue, Hexagon Applied Logo
Hands: GS Crafts Snowflake Hands, Luminous Coating
Luminous: Retro Luminous Effect BGW-9 Blue Light, Hands and Markers
Strap: Female end links,
Crown : Screw down crown
Water resistance : 200m
Watch Dimension:
Case size : 40mm 
Height : 11.5mm
Lug to lug : 48mm
Lug width : 20mm


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