San Martin Case work details

San Martin Watch Case craftsmanship, in order to ensure the grinding effect of the case, the middle case part is made of a split structure.

1.Big body to hit the world sand, the special grinding wheel selected by our world sand grinding wheel, with thick lines, each sand pattern is clear and distinct from the top to the bottom line, which is different from the conventional grass wheel sanding effect. (Because there is a pig's mouth (shoulder guard position) in the direction of 3 o'clock, the handover processing of straight sand and pig's mouth polishing is not in place, which affects the process details.);

2. The ear surface is straight sand, the sand pattern is smooth, clear and not cluttered, and there is no situation where the sand cannot be hit at the dead angle, and the junction between the ear surface and the body is clear and not out of bounds;

3. The thin body and the inner side of the ear are sanded, and the innermost angle is also polished;

4. The straight sand on the case surface and the polished junction of the pig's mouth are clearly visible, which is the embodiment of a little detail of this case;

5. The bezel is oblique up and down with round sand, and the vertical grain sand line in the teeth is well-proportioned by the high magnification magnifying glass (it is also a detail of the case craftsmanship);

6. The interface between the ear surface and the ear bottom is polished to deal with the problem of sharp hands;

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