San Martin diving watch 6309 abalone watch male SN057

Hello everyone, today I will introduce the new diving watch San Martin diving watch 6309 abalone watch male SN057, or the abalone shell type. This shell type is based on the Seiko 6309 style, and the needle surface is modified. The following is a detailed introduction to the style characteristics and process details.

The 6309 style is derived from the original "abalone diving watch 6105-8110". After decades of improvement, it has become what it is now. Now both styles are very classic and durable.

Style features: case, typical abalone shape case (the origin of the name), compared with 6105-8110, there are a few obvious differences, 6309 cancels the shoulder pad, the crown is directly hidden inside the body, compared to 6105 The left and right are more symmetrical; then the lug size is 22mm larger than the 20mm of the 6105; then there is the thick tooth design on the side of the chronograph. The dial we make is an enamel black dial (bright black effect, the black effect is relatively pure, the black inside of various processes, enamel black and fluff black are more thorough than black, enamel is also known as low temperature enamel) metal word nail hour mark + metal word Nail logo, hour markers filled with bgw-9 luminous (blue light). The needle is a new type of needle, the same kind of hand-applied flower craftsmanship of GS, the middle is sanded and both sides are smooth, and the second hand is covered with a dense top second cap. (It is also mentioned that our hands are relatively good in the whole diving watch)

Technological details: the curved surface of the case is designed with a polishing process; the ear surface is made of round sand, the ear surface and the bottom of the ear are used as nails, and the polishing process; Polishing and polishing keep the intersection lines clear and relatively high-end craftsmanship, the grinding weight will grind the base, generally it is better to do the handover of polishing and sanding); this model is special and has two grades (in order to better match the strap ), the upper level is polished, and the inner side of the ear is also polished; the lugs and ear holes are made of through-hole technology, and the large body holes are not blocked. We use a lot of metal word nails on the dial now. Our word nails are all concave design, and the interior is filled with luminous and the word nails are flush. After batching, electroplating is carried out. Compared with flat word nails, printing luminous on the top is more three-dimensional and has more details. Prettier. The new watch needles are all made of the same GS process, which is a characteristic detail of our comparison. Interested watch friends can compare more, and basically no flaws can be seen under a 20x magnifying glass. As far as the whole watch is concerned, without considering the brand, our workmanship is relatively good, compared with the original version or similar styles of foreign niche brands (we dare to compare the price twice or even several times higher than ours) Still more confident in the quality of our products.

San Martin diving watch 6309 abalone watch male SN057

Watch Specification:
Model: SN057
Movement: Tianmadu NH35A [automatic mechanical movement]
Case: Material - 316L stainless steel case
Glass: Double sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating
Plate: black enamel plate
Hands: hand-made three-sided flower needles, flat-top second cap
Luminous: bgw-9 Luminous
Crown: screw-in
Bottom cover: screw-in
Strap: Rubber strap, size 22-20mm
Buckle: 316L stainless steel solid pin buckle
Water Resistant: 20Bar=200 Meters
Watch Dimension:
Case diameter:45mm (without crown)
Case length: 47.5mm (lug to lug)
Case thickness: 14mm 
Lug width 22mm
Weight: About 115g


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