San Martin Men Diving Watch SN001
09.24.2022 | San Martin Watch Authorized Store | News & Blogs

Make your own 1000m ice hockey diving watch (because the shape is similar to ice hockey), this style is more prominent in two aspects

1. One-piece shell 1000m waterproof structure 2. Disassemble the movement structure (reasonable disassembly and assembly structure is particularly important, involving problems in future repairs and regular maintenance)

Today, I will explain the style of the ice hockey made by myself again in kind.

Accessory 1 is a timing lap, which is fixed with screws for easy disassembly, and easy to disassemble if there is a failure in the future

Accessory 2 is the locking ring for fixing the watch mirror;

Accessory 3 is waterproof I order;

Accessory 4 is a sapphire crystal;

Accessory 5 is waterproof L order;

Accessory 6 is the tooth ring for fixing the mirror and the case;

Accessory 7 is waterproof O order;

Accessory 8 is the case;

The one-piece case 1000m waterproof structure has put a lot of effort into the mirror and the connection. Compared with the ordinary structure of the press-in glass, the glass loading method used by the one-piece case 1000m waterproof structure is very complicated. The glass is not pressed into the case by a machine, but the glass is firmly locked in the middle with two upper and lower threaded steel rings, and then the steel rings are screwed into the case. This interlocking structure is very strong. In the two steel rings that lock the glass, a waterproof ring is used as a gasket to protect the glass from being crushed by the steel rings. And because the two steel rings are surrounded by three directions of upper, lower and side to lock the glass, the gasket used here must also be able to wrap the three directions, so we see the Seiko kilometer can Very classic "L" shaped waterproof ring,

The actual function of this waterproof ring is to buffer the extrusion of the glass from the bottom and side steel rings at the same time, and a separate waterproof ring is used as a gasket on the top. Later, this "L"-shaped waterproof ring was also rumored to be an artifact that can even prevent helium gas. I guess this propaganda effect was not even thought of by the promoters of this structure (Seiko).


Some people may ask, "Isn't this 'L'-shaped waterproof ring more waterproof than the ordinary waterproof ring? This large waterproof ring can also act in two directions, and you can know it with your toes. The waterproof effect is better than the ordinary waterproof ring!" Yes, the waterproof effect of this "L"-shaped waterproof ring is better than that of the ordinary "O"-shaped waterproof ring, but one important point is that it is waterproof Whether the waterproof effect of a watch is good or bad depends not on the part of the structure with the highest waterproof ability, but on the part of the structure with the worst waterproof effect. The waterproof effect of a diving watch is particularly about the short board effect. One-piece shell 1000m waterproof structure Two steel rings lock the glass, the waterproof effect of the "L"-shaped waterproof ring used in these two steel rings is indeed excellent, but you must know that there is another step to connect the steel ring with In the process of screwing the whole glass into the case, the waterproof ring used at the joint between the whole and the case is an ordinary "O"-shaped waterproof ring. No matter how good the waterproofing on yours is, it's a shortcoming in this place, and it's a joke to be helium-proof. Like swimming in a raincoat.

So how exactly does the one-piece shell 1000-meter waterproof structure prevent helium? The answer is not helium proof at all. The way Seiko copes with the internal helium expansion and flips the lens is to lock the lens, so that no matter how the internal helium rolls, the glass cannot be opened, and it can only slowly escape from the inside of the case through the gap according to the original way of invading the case. , so there is no fear of not adding a helium escape valve, and it also avoids possible failures of the helium escape valve.

Appreciation of appearance details