San Martin Men's 38mm Quartz Chronograph Watch SN0101

Hello everyone, today I will share with you the San Martin Men's 38mm Quartz Chronograph Watch SN0101 style, which is the style of the shell video released in June. In fact, this one was made at about the same time as the previous three-pin style, and it should have come out before June. There are always some accessories that are not satisfied and want to do better, so it has been repeatedly delayed until now. The prototype of this watch is Patek Philippe's 1463, which became an instant hit because the foreign niche brand Furlan Marri won the award at the Geneva Watch Fair in 2021 (re-engraved styles can be awarded on the international stage, so the acceptance of re-engraving is also It's quite high, some people can accept it, some people think it can't accept it, just choose according to their own preferences).

After the popularity of this watch in FM, many domestic and foreign brands have made similar styles one after another. I know at least five domestic ones, and I also know one or two abroad. , I have always said that the quality of a watch lies in the cognition of the maker. On the one hand, it is the understanding of the watch, and the corresponding accessories are used for the final harmonious combination of the corresponding craftsmanship; on the other hand, the whole must be done well. Because a watch does not depend on which accessory is done well, but which accessory is not done well. If one accessory is not done well, it will affect the whole.

I have very little experience in making formal watches, and the simpler things are, the more details are considered. I am relatively in a hurry to make products, especially now that I have a certain experience, and I rarely make prototypes. The dial has been sampled four or five times, the word nail has tried batching flowers and water grinding, the surface technology has tried oil injection and enamel, the small eye has also tried the flat effect, the 20c low CD pattern effect, etc., finally The enamel sun pattern technique was chosen, and the 10c low tridium has a CD pattern and the enamel oil is filled and smoothed; the word nails feel that the flowers are too flat and too beneficial, and the water mill will grind the R character, and I also borrowed one from a friend. Only Breitling's salmon timing looks at the craftsmanship of other people's nails. I have to admit that the Swiss brand that has been inherited for dozens of hundreds of years has a better understanding of the craftsmanship and production level. The factory has discussed this issue. The practice of others may be to first batch the flowers and then gently water them. The degree of water grinding is very good. It is to round the edges properly without deforming the R-shaped middle. However, the cost of doing so is will be high). We finally choose the water grinding process to ensure that there is no embryo pattern, and then the process of thick electroplating. When making the watch hands, we first designed the plane micro-diving process of the hour and minute hands, and the three-dimensional process of the large and small seconds. After doing it, I felt that the hour and minute hands were also three-dimensional and looked better, so I scrapped a batch of large-scale hour and minute hands and made them again. Three-dimensional hour and minute hand craftsmanship. The high standards of production of these metal parts of the case and buckle have always been "no hits and no hits", which should be regarded as our strength.

Tell me about my own knowledge of Swiss watches (German watches, etc.) and Japanese watches (two different craft systems). 1. In terms of case, strap and clasp, all high-end watches are almost the same, but each brand has different control over this. Relatively speaking, Japanese watches are more focused on "unfavorable hands". High-end GS, Credor, etc. are metal parts that rub against the wrist at any position and cannot have a paddling feeling (low-end Seiko, Casio, Citizen are very polished and have no lines. To ensure the problem of unfavorable hands, but in fact, it is a relatively low-end practice in terms of craftsmanship), some products of Rui Watch sometimes guarantee a sense of line and slightly sharp hands on the premise of ensuring that they are worn without scratching the wrist, but Wear it with a strap in that position without touching your wrist. (The junction between the outside of the ear and the ear tip of the Tudor diving watch is slightly sharp for the Rolex Submariner). 2. The needles and the word nails on the surface are exactly the opposite of the above. The needles or word nails of the Swiss watch are more rounded and have a charm, and there are no particularly favorable lines or edges. At the same time, the electroplating layer is thicker; the Japanese watch is absolutely lines and edges.

The last thing to emphasize is that a relatively perfect watch still depends on the effect of the overall matching, and the manufacturer's cognition of design matching and craftsmanship is particularly important.

San Martin Men's 38mm Quartz Chronograph Watch SN0101

38mm Chronograph Fashion Sport Watch, With VK6430 Quartz Movement

Center hour, minute and second hands, small seconds hand at 9 o'clock.
Chronograph (center hand), 24-minute counter at 3 o'clock and 60-second counter at 9 o'clock.

Watch Specification:

Model: SN0101-G-JS-1Movement: VK6430 [Quartz Movement]
Case: Material - 316L Solid Stainless Steel
Center hour, minute and second hands, small seconds hand at 9 o'clock.
Chronograph (center hand), 24-minute counter at 3 o'clock and 60-second counter at 9 o'clock.
Glass: Sapphire Crystal Glass, AR Coating
Bezel: Stainless Steel Polished Bezel
Dial Color: Arabic Numeral Dial, Sunray Light Blue, Sunray Orange, Sunray Green, Sunray Navy Blue
Crown: Push Pull Crown, With San Martin Hexagon Logo
Case Back: Screw-down Case Back, Brushed Process
Strap: Quick Release Leather Strap, 20mm*18mm
Clasp: 316L Solid Stainless Steel Buckle, With San Martin Logo
Water Resistant: 5 Bar=50 Meters

Watch Dimension:

38mm in diameter
Lug to Lug 46.8mm
Thickness 11.5mm
Tire width 20mm
Weight: about 146g

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