San Martin men's diving watch mechanical watch SN055G

Hello everyone, what I want to introduce today is a "watch"——San Martin men's diving watch mechanical watch SN055G. This watch has released promotional pictures a few years ago, but it has not been able to ship due to some reasons (mainly I want to do better). Expectation is also a kind of happiness, especially what you like.

We number this watch as San Martin men's diving watch mechanical watch SN055G. The details of this watch are described below: the style is a niche style, which is separated from the classic design of big brands. It is a semi-original design, the case is an off-the-shelf case, and the rest is designed by us.

Case: The appearance design is unique (not designed by us), the lines are clear and distinct, and it involves a lot of interspersed grinding processes (this case is the highest level of our appearance grinding process this year). The 3-bit and 9-bit of the case are symmetrically raised (similar to PP Nautilus), the body is connected to the raised ridge, and the whole is sanded horizontally, and the intersection of the ridge and the sand line is clear; Smooth and straight sand; the shell surface and the bottom of the case are connected to the body at an oblique position, polished and polished, and the sanding and polishing lines are clear but not out of bounds (details are reflected in the craftsmanship); The sides of the face, ear face and ear tip are polished at an oblique position, and the lines at the connection are clearly visible but not out of bounds (details are reflected in the craftsmanship); the CNC-carved arc-shaped belt avoidance position for the thin body; the ear holes are through holes, and the outer ear holes are round and not Pulling wire; the upper and lower gears of the chronograph ring are made of slanted round sand, and the teeth are polished and polished. Of course, the handover of the lines is still clearly visible but not out of bounds; Oblique polishing; the mirror is matched with a sapphire bubble mirror; to sum up in a simple sentence, this case has many faces and lines, and many interspersed grinding processes, which can reflect the high-end grinding process. ).

In terms of needles: in the style of the needles, we have designed our own niche personality style, and the hour, minute and second hands are designed in a sharp sword-shaped style; the production process is the same hand-applied flower process of GS that we are proud of, and a single hanging electric rhodium (Platinum), the seconds hand is covered with a flat-top seconds cap.

In terms of dial: the oil pressure fire pattern on the dial is used as a base (it feels a bit like the snow pattern of GS, and I will try to make white later to see the effect). The overall feeling of the gradient is ideal, the gradient is very soft, and there is no feeling of being too tough (I went to the factory to communicate with the fuel injection master in person, and I tried different effects time after time to get the final result, which is quite a sense of accomplishment); 12 o'clock master The mark logo is still our hexagonal metal stud logo. The hour marker studs are made of 4 different metal groove studs. The 12 o’clock and 3 and 9 o’clock arrows echo the style of the hands. The calendar window is opened at 6 o’clock, making the watch The overall aspect of the model is symmetrical (the case and dial are relatively symmetrical), and there is a single small nail hour mark under the window, which is more harmonious.

In terms of straps: The choice of strap leather should match the dial style as much as possible. After searching for a long time, I found a H family BOX smooth leather leather. The surface old craftsmanship and dial craftsmanship complement each other. Leather. The leading position is customized according to the case.

San Martin men's diving watch mechanical watch SN055G

Watch Specification:
Model: SN055-G
Movement: PT5000 and SW200-1 [automatic mechanical movement],
Case: Material - 316L stainless steel case
Table mirror: sapphire bubble mirror with anti-reflection coating inside
Plate: Gradient gray fire pattern plate
Hands: GS craft batch beveled hours and minutes, flat top seconds
Bezel: stainless steel scale ring
Luminous: BGW-9 Super Luminous, Blu-ray
Crown: screw-in
Bottom cover: screw-in
Strap: French BOX smooth leather + French HAAS waterproof lining
Buckle: 316L stainless steel
Water Resistant: 20Bar=200 Meters
Watch Dimension:
Case diameter:42mm (without crown)
Case length: 50mm (lug to lug)
Case thickness: 13mm 
Lug width 18mm
Weight: About 110g

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