San Martin Original Design Limited Edition Men Diver Watch ETA 2824-2 SN0010-G "Craftsman Soul"

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce the SN0010 watch with the longest production cycle so far, named "Craftsman Soul". The design of this watch was started as early as 2020, and the purchase order was officially placed on December 8, 2020. So far, most of the accessories have been completed and some of the designs have been changed, so it will take some time for the watch to be officially shipped.

Now that I have been making watches for more than 6 years, I have to feel that time flies very fast. There are different understandings at different stages. Generally speaking, I still want to make some original works that I am satisfied with. The design ability has always been a shortcoming. It is definitely not feasible to take the design route of the sky. I simply combined traditional styles with good polishing techniques to start, so I was a little paranoid about making original styles and wanted to do more complex and forcibly combine good techniques. So many watch friends said that I designed too much. Hope it's not too much this time!

This time the SN0010 is square as a whole, strictly speaking it is an octagon (some original square titanium shells and copper shells were made as early as 2017). The square shell should be first associated with Bell & Ross, which is different from Bell & Ross. The arc-shaped connection all around, the SN0010 makes a more difficult and tougher straight-line connection. The case is divided into four sets as a whole, the bezel + patch of the diving timer, the face cover, the middle case and the bottom cover; first of all, the bottom cover, The front of the octagonal shape is straightened with sand, and the eight bevels are polished. The straightening sand on the ear surface corresponds to the straight sanding process of the strap; the bottom cover is also the straightening sand on the bottom plane, the octagonal shape is polished, and the straight body echoes the case as the heaven and earth sand. The beveled surface makes the surface much larger than the cover, and it is particularly difficult to ensure that each surface is clearly handed over on the premise of grinding the glossy surface thoroughly. Few of the bottom cover factories can meet the requirements, so the bottom cover is also made by the case factory. of. In order to echo the overall tough style, the face cover is fixed with 4 inner hexagon screws on the top of the cover, and the ear bar link screws are also protruding socket head screws. The inside of the teeth on the side of the bezel is a polishing process, and the outside of the teeth is a sand process. Our teeth are polished through a single tooth, and the flatness of the inside is no less than the gloss of the outside when viewed with a magnifying glass. The ceramic ring material of the patch ring is made of The three-dimensional digital effect, the inner silver is more layered than the black font.

The dial has been repeatedly designed and made many samples of effects. In the end, I chose a more conventional black enamel surface. The word nails are designed by myself. The ellipse + rectangle combination effect is the largest at 12 points, followed by 369 points, and the rest Ordinary points are smaller. The main mark at 12 o'clock is Saint Martin's hexagonal metal stud logo, and the red "Soul of Craftsman" logo is printed on the secondary mark at 6 o'clock to highlight the originality.

The needle is also a relatively traditional sword-shaped needle designed by ourselves. A part of the pillow is cut off. The hour and minute hands have a flower effect on three sides, and the luminous window of the second hand corresponds to the shape effect of the time scale on the surface.

The steel belt has the effect of I-beads and three-bead steel belts. The middle is polished and the two sides are sanded. The strap and the lugs of the case are sanded with the same kind of sanding belt to ensure the same effect. The side is also very good. craft.

The buckle is a newly made diving buckle with fine-tuning stretching. This buckle has also been made by a friend for a long time. Compared with the previous buckle, this one is more beautifully polished, especially the inner plate is basically polished. There is no dead angle sandblasting. The virtual position of the accessories is also smaller, and the opening and closing are also smoother. (Everything is good, but the unit price has risen a lot. I have already matched the original buttons, but if I wanted to be more perfect, I removed all the tail pieces and made them with new buttons.)

Watch introduction:
Movement: ETA2824-2 [automatic mechanical movement]
Case: Material - 316L stainless steel case
Diameter 40mm (without crown)
Thickness 12.5mm (including watch mirror)
Ear width 13mm (with the inside of the strap)
Upper lug to lower lug 49mm
Glass: Sapphire crystal with shadowless anti-reflective coating on the inside
Dial: enamel black dial
Pointer: sword-shaped three-sided batch flower needle
Bezel: Ceramic chronograph
Luminous: BGW-9 Luminous
Crown: Screw-down crown
Bottom cover: stainless steel solid screw bottom cover
Strap: three-bead solid steel strap
Buckle: Stainless steel solid tortoise buckle
Waterproof: 200 meters waterproof
Warranty: Two-year warranty

Limited to 99 pieces, individually numbered 1-99, the order of payment is first-come, first-served.

In addition, because the top cover, middle shell and bottom cover are all polished separately, there will be a little bit of dislocation at the junction (it has been controlled as best as possible), this is acceptable, it must be It is impossible to achieve the perfect process limit, which is explained here first.

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