San Martin Watch Daily Maintenance

Why can't the watch be close to the magnetic field?

Because there are some important parts in the watch are metal, please try to avoid exposing the watch to magnetic fields. The following are common magnetic field environments in daily life: speakers, computers, televisions, automatic mahjong machines, mobile phones, etc. Magnetic fields can magnetize the watch components, leading to inaccurate timekeeping. Severe magnetization can also have an irreversible impact on the movement.

The hazards of contact between watches and daily chemical products

Do not approach the watch to all kinds of daily chemical products, the scene is as follows: solvents, mercury, cosmetics, perfumes, mothballs, etc., such chemical daily necessities are easy to reduce the life of the sealing ring in the watch to make it lose its waterproof effect, for a long time will further make the movement oil deterioration and condensation, lose the role of lubrication and rust prevention, greatly reduce the service life of the movement and affect the time. At the same time, it will also change the appearance of the watch, such as stainless steel blackening, rust, electroplating of the chronograph bezel corrosion, decolorization, luminous aging and so on

The effect of violent vibration on the watch

The movement of a mechanical watch is intricately crafted, even the most basic ones contain over a hundred precise small components. These components work together to ensure the watch keeps accurate time. It is important to avoid subjecting the watch to severe vibrations or impacts, as they can cause the small parts to move or become damaged, leading to malfunctions. Additionally, there are certain situations to be mindful of. For example, it is recommended to remove the watch when engaging in activities like golf or tennis. Developing good habits in watch usage can significantly increase its lifespan and make wearing it more comfortable.

Why can't I take my watch to the shower?

Waterproof watches are designed for use in cold water. Avoid wearing a watch while taking a hot bath or sauna. When the temperature rises, the permeability of water molecules increases, and certain components of the watch may expand to different degrees in hot water, potentially increasing gaps and allowing water vapor to enter. Additionally, water vapor can accelerate the aging of the sealing rubber ring, compromising the watch's waterproof performance.

Warm tip: Waterproof watches rely on small sealing rubber rings, which are not permanently waterproof. Once the waterproof oil on the sealing ring dries up or the rubber ring deforms or breaks, the watch will lose its waterproof and dustproof capabilities. It is recommended to replace these rings every 2-3 years to maintain optimal waterproof performance.

The effect of temperature difference cannot be ignored

Avoid rapid temperature changes: They can cause timing errors and damage to the internal mechanism of a mechanical watch. It can also affect the watch's waterproof performance and accuracy. Tips: Besides avoiding environments with large temperature differences, refrain from leaving the watch in extremely cold or hot conditions for extended periods, as it may disrupt its normal functioning.

A beloved watch can't have just one set of straps

Precautions for leather watch strap: please wipe the leather watch strap with dry cloth to keep it clean; In order to better maintain the leather strap and prolong its use time, please try to avoid its water. When sweating (such as in a hot environment or when exercising), please replace other watch bands, such as woven bands, fluororubber watch bands, steel bands, etc;

Warm tip: The watch strap is consumable. It is recommended that you add several sets of spare watch straps to your watch and replace the watch strap alternately, which can not only add some freshness but also effectively extend the service life of the watch strap

Incorrect calendar adjustment habits are damaging your watch

Calendar adjustment forbidden period: Please refrain from setting the date and week on the watch between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM, as it can potentially cause watch malfunctions. If necessary, you can adjust the time to a time outside of this restricted period and then proceed with the calendar adjustment. Once the adjustment is complete, you can set the time correctly.


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