San Martin Watch New SN0074

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce to you the new San Martin Watch New SN0074. This watch is designed and produced with reference to the style of Bell & Ross BR05 series. While referring to the original version, I also added some of my own personal ideas and designs. I hope you can recognize it. . Before introducing San Martin Watch New SN0074, I will share with you the Bell & Ross BR05 watch (for the sake of design and production, I bought an original version for reference).

I personally agree with the design of Bell & Ross BR05. It can be said that it is the most brilliant design among all Bell & Ross styles. I think it is very reasonable and reasonable in terms of its distinctive features, the combination of craftsmanship and the wearing effect. Successful, the inner circle and outer square are Bell & Ross’s representative work; the bezel is flat with straight sand, the bevel is polished in one circle, the body is straight with sand, the bottom cover and the bezel are polished in the same way, and the middle case and the body are polished with some small bevels Handling, the whole body is full of sand. The straight sand on the ear surface echoes with the straight sand on the strap, the bead polishing on the belt body, and the texture of the edge bead pulling sand is even better. Of course, the style is relatively niche style, and the value preservation rate and later release are relatively weak. As for how you choose, it depends on your personal preference.

Some designs in the production process

Let me talk about some of my opinions and some suggestions given by my watch friends. From my own point of view, I must be very able to make my own original styles. As mentioned earlier, I have tried to make several original styles of titanium alloy since 2017. Last year Also made SN0026 original styles. From the data of sales feedback, on the one hand, the original design ability is lacking, and on the other hand, the audience is also lower. The overall sales situation is not ideal, more energy and funds are invested, and finally it is still in a state of loss. I started making watches in 2016, and some seniors have already made custom watches by way of crowdfunding and pre-sale. From here, I have invested mainly in spot goods, supplemented by crowdfunding and customization. Talking about the cognition of crowdfunding customization, the good aspects can alleviate the financial pressure. In the process of production, a part of the payment is charged, which is equivalent to taking the money from the watch friend to make the watch for the watch friend, earning the corresponding processing fees, and the watch friend spends A relatively small amount of money is involved to buy your favorite watch. Of course, there are also some shortcomings. For example, everyone has their own aesthetics and needs to communicate constantly to reach a consensus, and there will always be a few problems or special requirements or withdrawals in the customization process. Deposit issues, etc. In terms of watchmaking technology, our products should be relatively mature at present. Many watch friends also suggest that we start to make our own originals, or send our favorite styles to let us make more expensive products. It’s not that we don’t want to do it, but sometimes we can’t do it. While we are positioning it as a niche product, we try our best to make more watch lovers like it. For example, a model with a quantity of 500 can be sold as much as possible, and some very niche styles invest 20w or more. But it doesn't feel good to sell so you can't do it blindly. Therefore, many suggestions for special niche styles given by watch friends have been rejected, please bear and understand.

There are also friends who suggested that we add some of our own designs while referring to them, which is equivalent to a semi-original style. In fact, most of our products are based on my own understanding. I add as much as possible to my own designs and modify them, but the overall style is For example, the Bell & Ross BR05 series referenced by this SN0074, a "square and round" design is the key point, so everyone seems to feel the first impression is Bell & Ross, of course, in order to gain popularity (I don't have the ability to promote myself, borrow others shoulders for publicity) This is also the effect I want. In fact, except for the hands that are basically the same, all other designs have been changed, such as: 1. The body design of the case, Bell & Ross has made a step, we have done one R in the past and one radian; , the straight position of the bezel and the bottom cover is ground sanding, we do the horizontal sanding method; Bell & Ross watch lugs are not beveled, we do small bevel polishing process; 2. Bell & Ross watch straps are not done The beveled edge and the I-shaped bead are less concave in the U-shaped design. Our strap edge beads correspond to the case with a small bevel. Our strap and case can be said to have been upgraded on the original basis. 3. The dial cancels the calendar window, and cancels the small scale behind the numbers 6, 9, and 12, which feels more concise and atmospheric.

Table data:
Model: SN0074G
Movement: YN55A/PT5000/SW200 [automatic mechanical movement]
Case: Material - 316L Stainless Steel
Diameter 42mm (steel ring diameter 38mm) (without crown)
Thickness 11mm (including watch mirror)
Ear width 13mm (with the inside of the strap)
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Plate: sun-patterned enamel surface
Pointer: plane batch needle
Luminous: BGW-9 Luminous (Luminous Color: Blue)
Crown: push-pull
Bottom cover: screw bottom solid bottom cover
Strap: I-bead solid steel strap
Clasp: Double press folding clasp
Waterproof: 100 meters waterproof
Warranty: Two-year warranty
Weight: about 140g

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