San Martin Watch SN0102 Introduction

Hello everyone, today I will introduce the new San Martin Watch SN0102 to you. This model is made with reference to the Seiko 4883 model, and I have to praise the strength of Seiko, which once stirred the entire Swiss mechanical watch market by itself. The works of the 1970s and 1980s are as stunning as they are now.

According to the introduction of the investigation data, it is understood that the 4883 belongs to the superior series, which is the representative work of Seiko at the highest level. (The following online information is divided into Seiko quartz watch levels)

Seiko divides quartz watches into the following grades

Seiko Quartz – Regular

Seiko King Quartz aka KQ – mid to high end

Seiko Grand Quartz aka GQ, and now GS Quartz Watches — High-End

Seiko Quartz Superior – Super Premium

The above are the classification of single crystal quartz watches

This Seiko 4883 watch was born in the 1970s and 1980s. It is also the representative work of Seiko's most representative single crystal quartz watch. At that time, the price was more than 3,000 yuan, while the price of a Rolex at the same time was more than 800 yuan. It was a luxury item at the time.

Let's take a look at this San Martin Watch SN0102 movement 4883 watch from the perspective of craftsmanship. The most representative of this watch is the production process of the surface studs and the case, the ridged surface of the needle, and the strap is a multi-bead strap (the watch at the time). There are very few solid steel belts in the belt, and they are basically the structure of the sheet belt, but in terms of technology, it is still difficult for the factories that make the sheet belt to achieve the quality of San Martin Watch SN0102 movement 4883). The brand logo and single crystal quartz logo on the surface are made of metal word nails, and all the scale lines are also made of metal word nails, and all the small scale lines are made of this process. The scale line at the whole point is the word of two steps. Nails, the height of the word nails is more than 1mm, and the plane of the two steps is flat and smooth (it still maintains a relatively good gloss for decades). The case is designed with multi-faceted lines and the overall polishing process, which especially reflects the work of polishing and polishing (strictly speaking, it is optical machine, also called SALLAZ polishing in foreign countries). The case is designed with a flat bevel. To be beautiful, it must be polished without sand holes or hazy (not transparent), but also to ensure that the flatness of the surface is neither thick nor round (here, let me briefly talk about the so-called "roundness". In fact, many people say "" Rounded" = ground up). The entire shell surface is connected to the ear surface with a small smooth edge process. The ear surface is divided into two levels. There are two small border lines between the small smooth edge and the small smooth edge. To ensure the smoothness and three-dimensionality of the small light edge, the boundary line between the small light edge and the small light edge and the boundary line between the small light edge and the large body should be thin and clear.

The overall shape we made is based on the San Martin Watch SN0102 movement 4883 style. The whole point is made of a two-step process, and the case is also designed with multiple lines. I am still very satisfied with the polishing of the case. I chose the double calendar mechanical movement Seagull 2836 for the movement. The watch strap is so thin that it is difficult to make a solid piece because of the relatively thin piece of the original version. Okay, so the second best thing to do is a special-shaped belt (the strap head is cut narrow and extends into the inside, and the outside and the lugs are flush against the lugs).

watch data
Model: SN0102G
Movement: Seagull 2836 [automatic mechanical movement]
Case: 316L stainless steel
Case diameter 37.5mm, aperture 36mm (without crown)
Length 42mm (upper lug to lower lug)
Thickness 11.5mm (including watch mirror)
Ear width 18mm (with the inside of the strap)
Glass: sapphire glass + anti-reflection coating
Dial: White oil pressure grid dial
Pointer: Ridge surface batch needle
Crown: push-pull hexagon label
Bottom cover: screw-in solid bottom cover
Strap: top layer calfskin
Buckle: Solid Leek
Waterproof: 50 meters waterproof
Weight: about 67g

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