San Martin Watch Strap Matching

San Martin Watch straps: belts, steel belts, and tapes are more common; the quality of the belt is on the one hand the quality of the leather itself, and on the other hand, the details of the workmanship: the ear holes and button holes are of the right size, the edges should be cut flat, and the edges should be oiled. smooth,

Unsealed edges should be regular.

The ring should be compacted and glued without gaps

Choose the appropriate thickness for the Tridacula Thread, and the thread should be straight.

Generally, solid steel strips are better than iron sheets, and loose beads are better than single beads. The tapes are mostly silicone and rubber. The characteristics of silicone are that it is softer and can be colored, but it is easy to stick to dust.

The rubber is stronger, and now there is a fluororubber that can be colored, and the softness is better. The quality of the tape mainly depends on the material itself and the treatment of the abrasive tool, and the nozzle should be small.

Buckle: generally divided into pin buckle, folding buckle, turtle-back buckle, solid buckle is generally better than iron buckle, the same appearance and polishing are the same as the case, high quality requirements - not strong, which means that it is necessary to ensure the lines It's clear and can't scratch your hands.


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