What should I do if the glass of the watch is broken?

The most vulnerable part of the watch is the glass, but it is inevitable to cause bumps in life. Most people will be overwhelmed if they encounter a broken watch glass. So today I will teach you what to do if the glass of your watch is broken. If something like this happens, I hope everyone can handle it in the right way.

There are many situations in life that may cause the glass of the watch to be damaged. Depending on the degree of damage, there are scratches, cracks, broken edges, and complete damage. If it is only scratches and cracks, it can be used, and the glass of the watch must be replaced if the corners are broken and completely damaged. Serious damage to the glass will lead to poor sealing of the watch, thus affecting the waterproof function.

Judging from the raw materials of the watch glass, the plastic glass of the old-fashioned watch will not burst, while the mineral watch glass, especially the sapphire watch glass that is popular now, is more likely to burst.

As for severe damage such as explosion, broken corners and serious damage, when debris is covered on the dial, it is necessary to take corresponding measures immediately: pull out the crown and stop the operation of the watch. Pulling out the crown can stop the watch and prevent the pointer from scratching the dial and date plate with glass debris. You can't dial the needle and quickly adjust the calendar, and you can't try to remove the broken glass from the dial yourself. You should find a clean handkerchief, wrap the dial of the watch down, and send it to a professional watch repair agency for the master to handle!

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